It would be an unusual couple who didn’t have some fairly strong thoughts about their wedding.  So many options!  Some wish to marry on a beach; others in a castle or beautiful hotel.  Some desire a formal affair with all the trimmings, others a more casual occasion surrounded by family and friends.  Underwater, parachuting and fancy dress have all been wedding themes in the past.

But many accept, without question, a very standard wedding ceremony!  Why would you do that?  Why would you not want ‘your’ ceremony to be bespoke?  Personalised to you and for you?

A wedding celebrant’s role is to craft the words, some of your choosing, and all of your creation, into a ceremony that is solely, uniquely and perfectly yours.

Our role is to help you select elements for your wedding that will be meaningful and memorable; to write vows that come from the heart, not from a book and to draw your guests together in celebration of your union.

Marriage is the most intimate of human relationships.  It is the commitment of two people who have decided to walk life’s path together with shared dreams and aims.  Nobody can create a marriage beyond the two people involved in it; the promises they make and keep to each other.

That’s why the formal exchange of your wedding vows is the most important part of a wedding ceremony – do you really want to recite the words of Thomas Cranmer, or do you want to speak your own words?

Some believe that a celebrant led ceremony is turning away from religion.  Far from it!  Many celebrants, including myself, are happy to work with any member of a Church, synagogue or mosque to deliver the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

Please, explore my website to see what I can offer you for your special day.