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The success of your big day is central to my happiness, and I shall be relentless in my quest to ensure that all goes well.
So what can you expect?

Marriage/Wedding Ceremony Services

An initial visit lasting up to 2 hours in duration
A draft ceremony created from notes, interview and intuition that will arrive within a couple of days.
A visit to your preferred location to check out the facilities and scope for movement.
A revised order of ceremony after review
A second ‘face to face’ interview to establish the ‘order of ceremony’ and to add any further revisions

A final draft, supplied to you well in hand of the event itself
An interview and practise, just to iron out any last minute issues
Officiating at the wedding
A presentation folder
Photos if desired.

Signing and Witness Ceremony

A keepsake parchment, signed by the couple and their witnesses. This is a fairly brief ceremony, but a perfect photo opportunity, designed to create a lasting and tangible memory for newlyweds.

Unity Sand Ceremony

A wonderfully visual way to symbolise the joining of two lives in a single marriage. And one that allows guests, particularly the younger ones, to join in and understand the important message of the day. The bride and groom both have a vessel of sand, (representing themselves). This might be coloured sand or sand from a meaningful location. Together they pour the sand into a single, new vessel; the sand mixed, inextricably for all time.

Wine Box

I love this ceremony! And not only because it involves an empty wine box! It appeals to the romantic in me. The couple write love letters to each other which are then sealed and concealed in a wine box of their choice. Alongside their wedding vows they also vow NEVER to open the wine box excepting two occasions. The first would be an anniversary of their choice; the second would only occur if they had thoughts of separating. Whichever occurs first, they open the box, drink the wine and read the letters, hopefully either celebrating their love or remembering why they are together.