Wine Box Ceremony

This poignant ceremony paves the way for a beautiful future together.  Both bride and groom write a letter to the other describing their feelings on this, the most important day of their lives.  The letters are then sealed and placed in a personalised wine box together with a bottle of their favoured wine.

The wine box is then sealed and won’t be opened again until a date of their choosing.  This might be their first anniversary, their fifth or their tenth.

When the box is opened, they share the wine and read the letters, reminding of them of their love and their commitment to each other.

The box can be resealed with a fresh bottle of wine and new letters if so desired.  Or the originals can go back in there too.

The only other time the wine box should be opened is if the couple are considering parting company, in which case the letters will hopefully cause them to reconsider.