Why use a celebrant?

It’s said you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure yet that’s exactly what a ‘Victorian’ or ‘traditional’ wedding does.

The origin of marriage was a ‘legal contract by which a man could acquire a female slave’.  Even today, it is a civil, not a religious institution and continues in many cultures to be more of a business transaction than two people celebrating their love.

Getting married in Church is just like getting your car MOT’d and serviced at the same time.  One is a legal requirement, the other is a personal commitment to keeping your car happy and healthy for the journey ahead.

A wedding can be separated out in similar fashion.  The ‘business bit’ can be achieved in five minutes at the registry office leaving you free to enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

Imagine!  You can have your wedding ceremony anywhere you want!  In a field, on a boat, in your own kitchen should you wish!

As a celebrant, my job is to craft and create a truly bespoke and personalised ceremony for you and your betrothed.

How about some ‘truly’ traditional elements such as handfasting, jumping the broom, sand and wine ceremonies or unity candles?

Whatever your thoughts, whatever your desires, I can make them a reality! Just contact me to see what is possible!